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12 Feb 2015

This cherub?

I haven't exactly had a hiatus of a lifetime.  Normal people get away from it all by, erm, getting away.  I just floated and waded a little.  Treaded the thick syrup of choke in between.  But managed and somehow swam to the other side pretty unscathed.  Im still shaking off the dregs of a few things weighing me down but soldier on I must.  This little pickle Im in is not killing me, though, only making me stronger.  Bright side, hey?!


It was my birthday at the weekend. I love how most people take holidays over their birthdays.  But its our very own special day and it has to be enjoyed. It was a small affair but really pleasant and gave me some distratcion. However, I was more interested in taking pictures of this little cherub, Isla.  She is my Mum's cousins great granddaughter.  Yes, hard to work out but isn't she the height of deliciousness?  And yes, I made another bleeding rainbow cake that took forever as our oven door is on its last legs so added to the drama of being "just right".

At first she was more interested in the mini balloons which we had set up.  She burst them without flinching whereas I was having a heart attack from each pop.  The cake was more of a challenge for her to "smash".  She was coerced somewhat and before long she was bashing and munching like a little banshee.  I sold almost all my photography equipment last year (absolute gutted, in hindsight and I mean.......proper sobbing) so I had to make do with my old stuff.  I think I pulled it off (barring almost using my iphone!).  The pics were taken in my dining room instead of my old, beautiful studio.

For a little girl, those eyelashes are to die for.  Its normally little boys who have longer lashes but strewth!  These are delicious

We salvaged a lot of the unbashed cake and sent Isla home all fresh after a quick dunk in the bath.

Who knows when the next cake smash will be but please, for the love of god, do not ask me to make another bleeding rainbow cake again!

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