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1 Feb 2015

The Sweetest Find

Today's blog entry is about a little steal I got myself today.

You might not know this but I love old books (check out my book print collection here).  I love book print, crumpled/folded corners, foxed pages and even the pongy whiff of them.  The subject text needn't matter either - just as long as there's something pretty to read and gorgeous texture to the pages.  So when I spied this in the window of Oxfam books this afternoon, I almost smashed the window to grapple it. You know the thrift store rules, right?  You can't ruin the display or touch the arrangements without prior notice.  But when I checked the inner page for the price (£6.99), I swiped it from its glorious, beaming centre stage and took it to the till.  The assistant didn't bat an eyelid and the sweet victory was mine.  More so when she told me that all books had an extra 20% off today - SQUEAL!

Its titled Our Village and was originally penned in 1843.  This edition is 1904.  It absolutely reeks of  wet umbrella's and stewed, sweaty socks but I just love it.

Occasionally there are tissue paper leaves that protect the beautiful illustrations.  I like to think the tissue is there to soak up my salivating lust whilst fawning over the pages.

Foxing (brown patching) does NOT bother me.  Its like liver spots on an elderly person.  Nor do the obvious uneven pages, which tells me that the book is hand bound.  Just look how rickety and delicious it looks!

The vocabulary and old english flows so elegantly.  And whitsun-eve (not celebrated like in the olden days....and by that I mean the 1950's.......snort!) reminds me of stories my Mum tells me about Whitsun-tide.  She used to get a new dress every year for Whit and a ribbon for her hair.  It was the best occasion to show off your frocks and hairstyles back then.  I wait for no occasion, I dress like a tramp, daily and make no bones about it

A number of my friends seem to think I am going to rip it up and make a project with it.  What, a 111 year old book?  Maybe not just yet, I gotta sniff all that yukkiness out first and oh!  Maybe read the damn thing.

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