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19 Feb 2015

Stationery Love

Who doesn't love going into Paperchase to salivate over pretty papers and cute journals?  Im sure Im going to get arrested soon because I literally have to touch/stroke everything in sight.  It's all so pretty, smells gorgeously fresh and woody......all so new and calorie free.  I adore moleskines, journals, note pads and patterned gift wrap.  And all the little tapes and folders and pens and cards.  Its like a treasure trove full of everything I need/don't need/will never use but will adore lovingly anyway.

Im almost the same in the stationery cupboard, at work.  I walk in and all this stuff greets me with temptation.  There's not much I need for my desk at work, as I use my computer for EVERYTHING but I look all the same.  Post it notes, pens, note pads, sellotape, pencils and 3482375674675641376576 buff envelopes.  What the hell is wrong with me?  I think I have it bad BUT I think my office co worker is even worse.  We just look and stare at the newness of it all, thinking of all the possibilities with all the HR Transactions that we can carry out with fresh notepads, pens to scribble essential notes with....... that have both a lid and non-chewed ends.Love new pens but after an hour, they feel old.  New pens, new pens, new pens **swirly eyes alert**

If I took a picture of all the pretty notebooks and journals that I have, I'd be imprisoned for crimes against hoarding.  Instead, I want to share this little collection here.  They're from Pip studios and under no circumstances are you even allowed to look at them in real life let alone touch/sniff them.  I am coveting them for stroking purposes only.  Not one word shall be scribed within them and not one speck of dust may infect their beauty.

Wouldn't you agree that they are freaking gorgeous?  They come in a bound wallet which, in itself, is purity and light.  OMG, I can't BREATHE!

Even the page leaves are lust worthy.  Quick, I have to move on, I am dying.

On Saturday, not long after bookgate, I popped into Paperchase to buy things I didn't need.  Like these kraft page inserts, kraft index sheets and washi tape.  I tell I lie, I do need them.  They're for my coursework to make notes on aromatherapy oils.  If I don't get grades for my thesis, I know I'll pass on presentation. You know it, I know it and my assessor doesn't know it but better had!

Finally let me leave you with this monster which I treated myself to yesterday.  Not going to lie, it went straight to my butt and fifth chin but it was divine and was marked down to 79p.  Camembert with a pancetta topping.  WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF??!!

After sharing a gorgeous lip therapy recipe yesterday, I indulged in a little hip therapy, too.

Self love, people, self love.

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