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28 Feb 2015

Flexing My Fingers

Feels good to get creative and crafty again.  I had 30 minutes spare tonight and have been dying to use these dies (sun and clouds).  I think they're lawn fawn or maybe another brand - not sure, too many bleeding manufacturers out there to count.  I have about 12 new ones to try out and all of them have a billion uses.

The bunting is from docrafts and comes on a 3m roll.  It's gorgeous.  But best of all is the textured card which is from payper box from about 6347854 years ago.

Well, that's me off to bed.  If you don't hear from me again it's because a tree has squished the cottage and I'll have 82 twigs up my nose and a branch pinning me down.  It's hellish windy out there and snow is forecast!

The joys of living in a Scottish Glen, right?

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