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4 Jan 2015

Ten years this year

September, this year, marks ten years of blogging from me.  I've witheld most of my old stuff...... Chiefly because I'm just not that person anymore.  I'm not that artist, either.

We all evolve in our own sweet way and although I'm not ashamed of that girl, I just prefer how I've evolved since then.

I'm setting up a new blog but will leave this one here forever.  For reference and for prosperity.  I'm thinking of having the entire ten years printed but that's an arduous task in itself!

I'll link you to it soon.... I just have to give it some beautification before I do.


twinkletoe said...

Good luck with your new blog. XX

Barbara said...

Looking forward to seeing the new blog!

sharon said...

aww I shall miss this blog you know but looking forward to your new one which I'm hoping will inspire me in the kitchen as I need help x

Janene McAnally said...

I will miss this blog, but look forward to reading your new one. I have been following for years and it has given me a great insight to a fabulous person. I live the other side of the world and probably will never travel outside of Australia, but reading your blog has given me that. Thank you Kristy :-)!

Janene McAnally said...

Oh sorry Kirsty!!Damn fingers went to the wrong keys lol!;-)