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3 Jan 2015

2015 started crafty

God I hope that continues, I cannot tell you how much I miss doing it every day.  I mean that whole heartedly.  My poor little fingers miss fiddling and faffing with finickety little fluffies.

I managed to use some super glittery nail polish on acetate to make this star on this card.  Nail polish dries a hell of a lot quicker than glitter glue - bonus!

I love the gold foiling you see on papers and packaging these days.  Even though I do not craft as much as I would LOVE to, I still follow packaging and presentation trends. I hope the foiling lasts for a while longer.  Talking of trends, it reminds me of one of the people whom I work with.  I decorated the office of one of my colleagues with paper roses and folded doilies.  He scoffed at the doilies thinking they were old fashioned.  Tee hee - I rolled my eyes - OLD FASHIONED?  Puh, they will be my forever fancy frilly-fluff.

and the stamps set has been put to use here - I am in love with that stripy paper which was an envelope insert which I saved especially!!

I am back up the road to Scotland tomorrow.  Long drive with absolute sorrow in my heart but I will be home again soon.

Toodle oo!

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ginny c said...

Lovely cards Kirsty hope you had a lovely Christmas
Those stamps are a bargain love ginnyx