Ladies Camera Club

10 Dec 2014

Take me here now

Lago di Braies, Italy.
Or anywhere in Italy.

But before we take flight, understand me.  For this is who I am

And for a deeper understanding, and according to Myers-Briggs, this is me unwrapped

I'm that freaking weird girl who knows the consequences of every probable scenario because I think about every probable scenario!

My head is full of thoughts with sub thoughts with several sub thoughts with hundreds more sub thoughts stemming from them.  

I have a thousand answers to your immediate damning question but I can never formulate the right words because emotion choked my throat.

I'm giving, no - will give you my all - when I know that you "get me" and value what I can do.

I'm so majorly flawed yet laced magnificently with eternal good intentions.


If you can see beyond my imperfections and still like the girl you seem to know, shall we book tickets to Italy, tomorrow?

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