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30 Dec 2014


Love them or hate them - there are gorgeous things to be swagged.
Today we took a trip to Warrington; cor, what a scrum.  It was such carnage that I almost lost the will to live.  But we elbowed our way through a few feet of people to bag jeans for Ellie and nothing in particular for me. 

How-ev, I did find some super cute stamps. These stamps set are from Next and although somewhat christmassy, there are other uses for the stamps for occasions throughout the year. 

£3 per set!!!!  including inks


Im even going to upcycle the gorgeous packaging plus the string and ribbon that it came tied with.

If Liverpool hadn't have won tonight, I think my abject misery may have just forced me to gouge my eyes out with the corners of those boxes.  I feel the next few days are to be filled with making some pretties up to soothe the soul and feed my imagination.  Cracking match, if you saw it :)

Let the pre-new year crafting session commence so therefore tune in tomorrow night to see how these pretties fared in my forecasted play time.

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