Ladies Camera Club

16 Aug 2014

In her mind

Ellie does wonderful things in ways we only discover by incident.  Conversation is generally excitement on her terms.  It revolves around animals, dinosaurs and anything cute.  Her interests are minimal.  She is not into fashion.  Never uses her mobile phone (the one we bought for her 13th birthday still has it's first credit in there!).  She couldn't care less about current affairs.  She has no aspirations.  She is not forthcoming.

But all that is insignificant.

What she is, is utter melt-in-the-mouth heaven.  We recently went to the beach and I made these.

But she trumped my skills and she came up with this.

How she communicates her little pots of fun and knowledge is rather beautiful if but a rare occurrence.

I just adore her.

And I really, really miss her.


Bettyann said...

It must be so hard to be away from your lovely daughter. Take care and carry on.

Debo said...

Beautiful photo of the two of you! (hasn't she got the most PERFECT skin!)