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10 Aug 2014

Dunnotar Castle revisited

I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be living eight miles from this beautiful castle.  The cliff edge location provides a dramatic backdrop, especially if the skies are cloudy or stormy.

Mark and my poochy pud are up to visit this weekend and I wanted to show him the sights.  I took to my fave vista of the site to enjoy the best glimpse of the castle - these two are just two metres apart from the perspective I used although an hours relapse between the two pics..........

I could sit in this spot all day.

As we were leaving, mark noticed a piper walking toward another vista of the castle's backdrop.  I hope and prayed he'd stand in a spot where I could envisage a perfect shot.  What luck I had....    


What a privilege I have to come visit here when're I can :)

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Cleta Terrell said...

Kirsty, Thank you for sharing those pictures of Dunnotar Castle. I instantly knew I had a connection in my ancestry but had to do a little research to be sure just where it was. My paternal grandmother was a Keith. I haven't completed her lineage all the way back to Scotland.
I need to get back to work on the many Scottish lines that my husband and I each have.