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6 May 2014

Buy me a kilt, Im moving to higher climbs

So my trip to Scotland the other week?

Weeeeeeeeeeell it involved an interview and promptly, that very day, was offered a job I could not refuse.  But fear not, fellow crafters and photographers.....I will still demo and craft and photographise as my job is 9-5, weekdays.  I can still cram all of my stuff in and live the life I love.  Albeit just me, in a sweet cottage on the grounds of the new place I am working.

I'm going back to grass roots in HR.  I'm going to be responsible for the training of staff as a training coordinator.  Its the right time, what with Ellie's routine established and myself at a great age to re-start a career with an award winning company.  I'll travel the arduous 6 hours home regularly (at weekends) ...... you know I like to drive these crazy long journeys - its where i do my thinking and plotting and planning.

We got rid of Ellies old beloved 1st generation iPad in favour of a mini iPad for Facetime and such like!  She is being very grown up about the changes.  She has college for two more years so its impossible for her to make a decision to stay or come with me.  With lots of practice facetime, it has majorly improved her social cues (of which have been pretty dire over the years)....its been quite a brilliant thing so far.

I am both scared and excited about the prospect.  Lots of places to discover, new friends to meet, old ones to meet again........

Ill be closing my studio but definitely not giving up photography.  I have clients booked already around the Aberdeen and Inverurie area.  I shall be living near Drumlithie, just along from Stonehaven and not far from the beauty of Arbroath, Montrose and Edzell. 
Ive been celebrating a lot.  Im still exercising like mad to counteract the, ahem, large quantity of prosecco. My skin has improved despite this however I have been advised to give up dairy due to a gut issue Im suffering with (not prosecco related - ha ha!). 
I think I will cut that out completely when I move - lots of changes in one go including cutting gluten out for dead reals this time (I can't help it, I love tiger bread and lurpak).  Please don't ask me how I will cope without cheese.  PLEASE!  Unless there is a non soya alternative?

Ok, going to research our family kilt - even though our family is originally of Irish descent!

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Bettyann said...

you are very brace girl...Wow making such changes..bless you...enjoy your new adventure...

Debo said...

Wow! Good luck! (not that you'll need it!) We went to Scotland last summer, for the first time, and we didn't want to leave!

And you look AMAZING!

(Will you still be blogging?)

Deb x

dijit said...

It makes sense now. I hope that you can move on and find happiness in your new life. good luck.

Pol said...

Ok - just re-found your blog (used to pop up on my list and just realised that it hadn't updated for 5 months - so had to look you up again.) And what big news to find! Amazing part of the country to move to - we were there a fortnight ago for a family wedding :)

Helen Anderson said...

Oh my life, I didn't realise you were a fellow HR bod!! I wish you all the luck in the world for your new adventure Kirsty, I can just see you training folk. You'll be the dog's doodahs!

You'll soon get used to being in Scotland. Give me a wave as you pass by :). Much love, Hels xx