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7 Apr 2014

The lakes

Before long, I will live in the lakes.
Not in a lake, like a naked lady, bathing!!! I mean Cumbria.......... My god, it's bloody beautiful!

This Saturday I paid an overnight visit to Ambleside and Bowness.  Have you ever been?  It's a world away from anywhere if you haven't.  I actually think it's heaven.  On a stick!  

As usual, it was hoying it down although that didn't spoil the adventure.  Here I am, dripping wet but actually not giving a god from crap.  It's only water!

N'er mind the inclement weather because, peppered throughout these picturesque villages, are barista style coffee houses and pretty, fancy eateries.  

Aaaaaand this is a fancy apple, pork and cider pasty.  Probably divine to some but this tasted like horsemeat and poo to be honest.

So if fell walking falls by the wayside, there are mountain of tempting morsels to stick to your ribs; in preparation for when you are able to yomp it up a perpendicular crevice!

Can't wait for my next visit.  Which is coming up pretty soon. X

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