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7 Mar 2014

Party Time

Mark is not home until Friday teatime after being away for the week with work - this meant Ellie and I could live like slobs, eat like queens. leave the dishes piled high, NOT watch TV and walk around in the nake.  Well the last part is NOT true but we could have so done it.........he heeeeee.

I have had a full on week with so much stuff.  Loose ends, now-ish stuff, design work, studio tomorrow work.  Planning, scheduling, dreaming and gymming it.  As I'm still off weight bearing exercises - due to my thoroughly knackered Achilles - Ive started doing spin classes 5 times a week.  I'm on my ninth session in 2 weeks and have burned a whopping 800+ calories in each session and cycled (continuously for an hour in each) for distances between 12 and 15 miles.  I'm back on the hardcore exercises to get me to goal with my weight and fitness.

Another thing that has improved (and commented a LOT) is the health of my skin.  I suffer with rosacea and scarring on my chin - its been the bain of my life until I started all this diet and exercise.  Then I happened upon bio oil to try and treat my rosacea but other than that clearing slowly but surely, the texture and condition of my skin has gone bananas.  I encourage you to try it although it is oily and makes your hair less fluffy and shower fresh (is greasy like a bag of chips!).  I am going to try and rub in some pure rose hip oil into my cheeks to run this rosacea down but small steps and all that.............

This pic was taken to show how magnificent Mr Muscle is on your glasses.  No more licking a kitchen towel from now on - this stuff is awesome.  Its here that I notice my rosacea less fierce and angry!

This grainy image shows less scarring on my chin.  It wont go completely but I am indebted to the experiment thus far.  Plus drinking two litres of water a day REALLY helps.

So all that leaves now is for 24 more hours of Mark free-ness in the house, loud music, singing bum notes and not caring plus as many hot baths as we care to wrinkle like a prune in.

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Sharon said...

You are looking lovely - well done on your fitness regime and healthy eating. I have lost a lot of weight with Slimming World and my skin and hair are wonderful through the healthy eating. Keep up the good work. Sharon xx

Debo said...

Wow! What a bonus! You really are working hard both at work and your fitness regime! As they say, no pain no gain! And you definitely deserve lots of gains!!!