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12 Mar 2014

Did you see this article today?

I admit it, I read the Daily Mail.  Judge all you like, I will not be pasted with the Tory brush ;) although I don't mind being slated for reading the high volumes of inane dribble they write.

Except this, today.

Weirdly fascinating and somewhat questionable....redardless of which, I just love how I felt when I watched the video, therein the article.
It's made me a real soppy mess today.

Its made me dig up some of my fave quotes about love - as you may well know, I'm a Pinterest whore and I collect billions of things every week to dream and sigh over!  So you can have a look too......

and here endeth the lesson in, erm, love?!

PS:  Happy Birthday to my number 1 boy, Eddy.....6 today x

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Debo said...

What a beautiful film!!! (Would love to know if some of them 'stayed connected' afterwards!)
And brilliant quotes. (love quotes! Would love to spend a day just talking in quotes!)

Debo said...

Oh, and happy birthday Eddy! X