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24 Feb 2014

A weekend with my boys

With the iTunes release of their debut track, Come On, due on 8th March - its all go with Northern Sugar.  Summer festivals and millions of gigs booked this year including support with Bruce Foxton (Ex Member of The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers) with an EP release and a ton of radio airplay - you HAVE to make a note of Northern Sugar, you hear?

Last night I followed them down to The Ducie Bridge in Manchester where there was a stage invasion - it was hilarious.

And so the stage invasion begins......

She was hilarious

Her air guitar was top notch

She complained about not knowing the words

She wanted to sing "the one and only" by Chesney Bleeding Hawks?!!!

She was giving Sam earache at this point

And made everyone laugh

And then laying samples down on the final cut of "Taking back my love" (a little bit too close to call for my liking - but yes, I'll take back my love... tee hee) at the studio today.  They made some additional tweaks which has made this track, my least fave, into my absolute favourite. 

Sam in the moment!

Giving it some welly

Very Band Aid, don't you think?

There is a lot of waiting around in the studio whilst the producer mixes and faffs.  Its actually quite interesting watching it all come together.

The studio is barely "Abbey Road" or Maida Vale but it is adequate and has, erm, character??!

 Sam having a mini breakdown because I clearly take the shine off him when Im ever in the building!

Yes, Tommy pulls a cracking set of "v's".  Very Rock n Roll.  Had such a laugh with this lot today

 Ryan having a faff on John Kettles Mandolin (John is the producer - very clever man!)

You see, it's all Rock n Roll in the studio

Tommy plays me a little melody on hi harmonica which, was cut from the hoo.

Tommy and I vegging out towards the end of the session.  Clearly having the time of our lives.  We could have sat there all day after a successful recording of which I have a hard copy of - YAY!

The studio was just a fantastic end to the weekend - tiring but full on, funny and adventurous.  This track will appear on their upcoming EP sometime in the spring.  John (the drummer) and I call the new recorded version of this track the "Talking Heads slash Lenny Kravitz" riff.  You will know when you hear it.

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