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1 Feb 2014

A great escape

Pressurised cabin fever, here, has had me going a little bit nutty this week.  Planned trips out had failed and collection of goods turned out to be delivered to save a very miserable journey......... Living in my Jammie's did that to me!!!!  So tonight, a night out with my boys was most welcoming.  Not kidding.

The night and day cafe in Manchester is a great venue and the line up acts were incredible.  You have to google Doug Perkins and The Spectaculars...... Bloody brilliant.  Obvs not a patch on Northern Sugar, of course.

Here are some images from the night:

And now I've had my night out (complete with a parting gift of ears ringing and a sore throat from laughing/talking) I can have a relaxed weekend taking stock of a very difficult week.'s a new week on Monday........good times x

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