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19 Jan 2014

Video shoot with Northern Sugar

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to be in Northern Sugars upcoming singles video today.  I knew it was going to be a long day so I packed my massive puffy coat in order to keep warm.  Only I forgot to bring adequate foot warmage.  Consequently my feet were frozen for 5 out of the 6 hours on location.  My cheeks turned blue and my nose was a proper shade of tomato.

The venue was fantastic - a run down warehouse above an old mill, in Preston.  Peeled paint, grubby floors and graffiti set the tone to the gambling themed storyline where I play the croupier at a game of poker.  Never played poker in my life, didn't know the rules - can't shuffle cards for toffee.  HILARIOUS!  The scenes were shot in a manner where I thought "this won't look right" but of course it will.

I didn't take any pictures during the gambling filming part because I was in those scenes but I did manage to take some stills of the band (plus their new bass player, Ryan).  I also took some of the night time recording of the band playing their track "come on" - iTunes release 1st March.

It was really interesting watching it come together with the camera crew, directing and watching the actors do their bit.   And come the end, where it gets a bit, ahem, violent....well, we had a right old laugh and had one chance to get one scene right.  All I can say is that I hope to God that my mock horror acting face doesn't make the final cut!

This is the band and I - at the wrap of the video.

Meet Ryan, the new Bass player.  I love his look and this picture is my new fave at the moment.

The bands first official picture with Ryan

Tommy between takes - playing on his new paisley pink Fender

The boys in a new line up

In the shabby lift at the warehouse - it was such a great prop.

Some more stills that I squished into a montage for promotional material

I took these as they recorded "playing the track".  They did this 6 times.  I am now officially fed up of hearing this track now ;)

The lighting was super.  I think Ryan will fit in perfectly with his Paul Weller look.

And that was today's little story!

You can hear Come on over at Sound Cloud HERE

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twinkletoe said...

I loved reading all about the band!

Sharon said...

Do you know, I was just about to comment he is a dead ringer for Paul Weller in his Jam days! (showing my age now!).xx