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14 Jan 2014

Spreading a little love

Its all go here, at Wiseman HQ.
I'm not even kidding.
Networking, sharing, brainstorming....the works.

I'm in the middle of revamping my website because I have ALWAYS wanted a horizontal scroll screen. And I've now bought the skin for it and I'm going to rip it up and make it fabulous.  I really want to push the Ballet aspect of my photography so if you are a Ballet lover or teacher or dancer itself, do check out my new facebook page HERE

Ive also been working on more business card designs and logo's.  I'm starting to pick that side of my business up again.  In between a few jobs, I whipped up this card.  I mean, if you are in work and you can' get out to buy a card - print this out and cut it up instead of processing invoices or other such arduous tasks!

- its a printable from the Card Buffet range.  It comes in 4 colours and each card can be printed from one sheet of A4 paper.

 You can grab the download HERE

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1 comment:

cassie c said...

Thanks, Kirsty. The design is lovely as are the colours, perfect for cardmaking when I'm too knackered to think.
Hope more doors open than close for you this year. Really enjoy reading your blog. Congrats on your weight success and fitness regime too.
I'll plod on with WW and twice daily dog walks.
Carol C xxxx