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2 Jan 2014

Oh 2014?

Ive been waiting for you.  Not because 2013 was crap - oh my, no way.  Ive even embraced the wobble of business plans between June and August because the failure brought many new opportunities.  And hey, I admit to failure!

Ive gone through a billion emotions and a kajillion memories.  Gone up and down and floated comfortable in between.  When it was bad it turned out good and when it was good, I slid down the happy slide and went "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".


We saw the new year in with both our parents at our house, in our fab new dining room.  Although barely room to swing a proton, we sat round that table playing games and laughing.  Oh and drinking.  And I mean some serious "roll your sleeves up cuz this is going to get nasty" kind of drinking.  That, on top of delicious home made Lanky hot pot, made for a very tender Kirsty this morning.  Barf.

Late afternoon, we wanted to rid the cabin fever and I hoyked my sorry ass out of bed to clear out the cobwebs.  Shopping was not really my best idea as I was almost green with queasiness. Ellie was not in the best spirits either but here we are in our new 2014 freshness. 

Yes, Im hungover - look closely as the bags under my eyes!  And poor Ellie looks in pain to be even sat next to my prosecco soaked breath! 

Ive not made any resolutions, mind.  I am continuing on a heavy training regime (I run 6 miles a week and go to circuits 2-3 times a week, too!) and have registered for The Manchester 10K and the Abersoch 10k.  PLUS!!!  Instead of Pilates, I'm signing up for Adult ballet to work on my core - and by that I do not mean Ill be planning on leaping like a frilly fondant on stage at local theatres.  Its more exercise than anything albeit with a retired ballerina who will whip my arse because my toes are not pointy enough - cramp, ouch!

I think I'm going back to two days a week at Bid tv (So Thursday, too, as well as Tuesday) - that will be exciting as there are explosive things happening there right now.  I'm still doing portraits but chiefly by commission.  Im doing product photography like its going out of fashion PLUS I still demo for Woodware and Stix 2......... 2 or three Saturdays a month.  I do have such a varied amount of freelance work and I LOVE IT.

But I do not love hangovers.

Its all about balance.  And removing bags from under ones eyes.

Happy New Year, folks x

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Michelle lovesallsorts said...

Happy New Year Kirsty! Bring on the good times x