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21 Jan 2014

New Website

I've been looking, for such a long time, for a website that I would be literally DYING to show everyone with glee.  I kind of accepted the old one before now as it was functional, clean and easy to navigate.  But now,  after 18 months of working out the best design and hunting for an affordable way to do it, I have FINALLY got my dream site (here).  However, there is one teeny weeny downside to it and that is that is does not perform well on a mobile site.  I mean it performs but not in the way you see it on a computer.  BUMS :(

Damn these cross functioning devices.

Nevertheless, here is a peek of the home page - with horizontal scrolling.  Horizontal scrolling is the very draw to this website, for me

 It has a beautiful way to display images and text in an easy-to-read style

 I know it might not be YOUR cup of tea but in terms of reflecting me and my me its perfect.

The rounded corners, the colours and the whole feel makes me so happy

Even though it has taken me an entire week to bring together
But its done and I am happy and raring to fill it with newer, more exciting images for my customers and clients.

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Looks fantastic! May we ask what site its through?