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6 Jan 2014

New Vision, New Me

Ive been meaning to get new glasses for, cough cough, two years.  I only wear them for computer work and reading.  Its gotten so bad that my eyes are constantly dry and itchy and tired.  So it was time to get some new ones this weekend.  I call these my Clark Kents!  And oh?  Hello - I can see much clearly now.......... reading is now fun again!

And the new me?  Well I'm still on the road to achieving my target - I'm two months from hitting it and boy am I working hard.  Running, circuit training and as from tomorrow, adult ballet for toning and core strength.  I wish I could say that I have absolutely loved it (I haven't).  I try to talk myself out of exercise 5 nights out of 7 but glad I pluck up to stamina to see it through.  I ALWAYS feel better for it afterwards.  But these freezing cold nights really put me off venturing out the house.  And this is what 6 months has brought me to ...........

When I achieve my target, come end Feb/begin Mar, I might be brave enough to show you the before picture (Ugh!)

After breaking in my new glasses, today (and subsequently feeling sick and migrain-ey) I went to bed to shake it off and I woke up hankering to do something!  This is novel........ chomping at the bit to get crafty??!!  First off, I had to tidy the "hovel" that is usually used as the "craft room".  Its become a dumping ground of late and a Bid Tv sample storage area.  I'm not kidding you, it's that which has prevented my free flowing spirit to create.  But I grabbed a couple of litres of water, turned up some music and set to it.

Ive bought lots of new bits and pieces to play with since November but, in the midst of clearing up this garbage-tip-of-a-dumping-ground, I thought I'd throw together some "leftovers and off cuts".  I feel so inspired to get going again because my room is clutter free and pretty again.  This is what I came up with stuff, which most people might ordinarily chuck out!

Im not kidding you but I assembled that handbag topper about 5 years ago.  Not even lying.  And now Ive finally used it!

This is the last of my fave ever Ki Memoried paper.  I used it in a class with Elsie Flannagan about 75 years ago.  And here it is, pride of place, on a card that I will never bear to part with.

More leftovers crammed on a card here using a freebie chipboard piece from a magazine that I couldnt bear to throw away several years ago.

And finally this little ensemble using Forever Friends freebies I got.  Used, done and dusted!

Thats all foks, Im crafted out for today!

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twinkletoe said...

You are looking great Kirsty!

Debo said...

WOW! You are looking GOOD! Well done you!