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25 Jan 2014

Maddest week

It's been full on.  

Doors closing.  Windows opening.  
New work opportunities.  
People coming.  
People going.  
Shedding heavy weights off my shoulders.  
Decisions in limbo. 
Learning new stuff.  
Learning from mistakes.  

Seriously, it's been a hell of a ride.

I was reminded of this through a short, sharp heavy spell, mind and am finding it very very tough combined with all the frivolity.  I'm trusting some of you might relate.....

I'm trying to convince myself I'm happy about making a change but really I'm not.  I still need to address it even though I thought I had.  Maybe prosecco will help???? Tough tough tough.


On Weds, Emma and I drove down to Acton Trussell to attend a training event for Stix 2 and Woodware.  We got there earlier than anticipated but made use of the hotel rooms ice and glasses and celebrated being kid free with ahem, two bottles of prosecco.  Yikes. 

We got pretty giddy come time for dinner.  And dinner at The Moat House is pretty spesh.  I didn't want to be completely wasted eating this little feast......

We had sweetcourn valoute with haddock foam for a pre starter

Then I had a ham hock fritter, quails egg and pease puffing served on a roof tile with swirly designer dippy sauces 

Then I had beef fillet with mustard mash that was melt in the mouth lush

And then this beast here

All sorts of shenanigans continued after the meal as we stayed up and chatted with Emma trout (yes, I spent the night in an Emma sammich).  It was such a hoot.

The next day we spent time with so many talented crafters, working on new product and techniques.  It was good to get really inky and glittery.  The day was fraught with fun, suprise, coffee, delish food and cakes on top, too.

We got home pretty late after hellish traffic.  We flopped and tiredness and a mild (read heavy) hangover kicked in

Pretty, no???

And now it's Friday.  I don't think I can take much more action.  Until Monday comes round again.

Bring it on.

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