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9 Jan 2014

Ballet ballet ballet

I've been obsessed with it since I was a kid.  My parents couldn't afford to send me when I was younger but it never phased me.  I just grew to appreciate it as a bystander.  But now, as I am streamlining my photography to take grungy/ contemporary/classical style images  of ballerinas in the North West, I am loving it even more.

I took my first grade class (actually I took second grade but it was my first visit!!!) on Monday, in Warrington.  I just loved it even though every bone and knuckle in my body cracked and died.  I was gallantly chaperoned by a young male dancer called Alex.  He was fantastic.  He watched my posture and complimented me in such a way that I did not feel like the oldest person there.  

I'm taking the classes to both appreciate the art with my photog but also double it as a form of Pilates.  Losing all this weight means I need to tone at the core. And boy did I know it the next day.  And after circuit training Tuesday and Insane Fitness tonight........... My body is a quivering wreck. Albeit, weirdly, quite firm in places.  Novel!!!

Anyway.  I'm revamping my website soon to incorporate the new season of photography.  Which means I'm also looking for grade 4/5 on pointe ballerinas to model for me, for some test shoots.  Leave a message if you are that person!!
Cheers x

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