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11 Jan 2014

3 projects I love

Pinterest kills me.
It kills time and yet it soothes me as I wish away lamenting "I must take inspiration from this".
3 hours later, I've linked from cards to paper projects to recipes to sausage dogs.
And yup, still nothing achieved.
But my heart is full and my mind is charged.
So its kind of bittersweet, no?

Here are 3 beauties killing me this week

Source - click here

And this little beauty here? - swoon!
Source: click here

The colours in this KILL meeeeeeee
Source:  click here

Now I must go and scrat around in my office - to tidy it in which to feel motivated.  Ahem!

This week a few doors closed but a load of windows opened.   
Why does that happen?
Was it the huge solar flare we have just encountered?  I'm absolutely weirded out by it.
And even though I haven't fallen out with anyone per se, I was reminded of this gem (which, incidentally, is one of my second most pinned quotes I created a couple of years back). Whenever I read it, Im reminded of those "one way relationships" I have with very few people.  I do NOT hate any one person on this planet but I hate myself when I over do my enthusiasm and it is barely reciprocated. Im too scared to address it but I will keep looking at this quote to build up the strength to just let it go

Oh god, its so hard. 

Im posting it here, just in case you need a huge smack in the face of reality too.

It just speaks volumes, doesn't it?

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Debo said...

That sums it up PERFECTLY Kirsty!

Debo said...

That sums it up PERFECTLY Kirsty!