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2 Dec 2013

pics of yesteryear

Ive been sorting our discs of photos (way before we had external hard drives) and stumbled on these babies.  I don't normally share pics of Marko grumble pants because, well, he grumbles.  You know what sport fanatic couch huggers are like? Rolls eyes.

We all look at our children and think they are the worlds cutest/sweetest creatures but when I look at pics of Ellie from yesteryear, my heart lifts and the corners of my mouth turn upwards.  And I really do think she is the sweetest.  **melt**

Im indulging in a few oldies with you and well, because they brought back a ton of happy memories.  And happy is something I am striving to be - therapy, no?

This was when webcams were the ONLY digi way of taking pics in 2000.  Im regretting the collage effect that holds absolutely no style or grace whatsoever but instead, focus on the beauty therein.  She is 5 here?  FIVE?  Note how much straighter her hair was then.  It seems every year her curls get tighter and tighter and tighter.

I think this picture was taken around 2007.  It melts my lil old heart.

Back to 2002, when we went to Disney Florida.  Man, she was in LOVE with  Tigger and when she met him, her face was PURE delight.  As was mine.

This was at a family wedding in 2003.  What I love the most is the way that Mark is looking at our little girl.  The thing with Mark and I is that we are her solid base units and the common denominator in her existence.   She is number 1 and has the key to both of our hearts.

This was taken in Florida in 2002.  Everything about Ellie in this picture makes my heart race from cute overload.

Its EXTREMELY rare to find pictures of Marko and I.  This is one of the very few we have but it reminds me of a lovely beach walk in Southport in 2005.

And finally - this little munchkin.  Summer 2004.  See how her curls have progressed since 2000?   She really is a the most wonderful thing, truly.

And that, my lovers, is your lot for tonight. 
Mad week of TV, product photog, promo shoots, music video shoot (which I am appearing in with my boys) and praying for a little miracle on top.

Love and hugs
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