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23 Dec 2013

I'm starting to feel it

Just a bit, though.

The dining room is complete.  I think it's safe to say that I will never contemplate decorating before Christmas again!  It's lovely, though, to have a room that's pretty up eat in.  The past three years have been bedlam in that department and a case of eat and get out of the eyesore.

I've been maxed out with product photography and demo work, too.  I love being so busy and involved in my pro craft work.  My leisure craft time sucks, mind but still....... I get to craft, fiddle, play and enjoy the process at least x

I'll leave you with a pretty card I made for the parentage.  This years theme has been craft, corrugated card, calico, fabrics and vintage collage.  It's made me happy and happy is gooooooood.

Have a lovely Christmas, people x


Bettyann said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Sharon said...

Beautiful card! Merry Christmas to you all - I have enjoyed reading your blog again this year! xx