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13 Dec 2013

Ebeneezer Scrooge

That is who I feel like at the moment.

No Tree up.
No decs.
No cards written.
Very few gifts bought.

What I do have, mind, is a house that looks like a bomb site. Mark and I thought that, in our infinite wisdom, that decorating the dining room in time for Christmas as a GREAT idea.  Only I think we had Christmas 2014 in mind. Gah!  Im just not feeling it this year but then you only have to scroll back to blog entries this time, last year - I was exactly the same.  I do LOVE Christmas but I just can't get in the moment.  Not even with crimbly songs playing on my iTunes or xmas movies being thrust upon us every 5 frigging seconds.

Ive made approx 3462576243756413 cards since August for TV and magazines - maybe that killed the anticipation.  Who knows? Maybe I'll get in the spirit a bit later tonight.  Im on a late-nighter in my home studio - I might break open a chocolate orange.... maybe that might do the trick?

Anyway, Ive earmarked a days crafting to unwind from a mad two weeks.  What have you crazy chicks been up to?

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1 comment:

ginny c said...

No exactly how you feel not a dec in site gets on my nerves that every thing is in the shops so early and them blooming adverts , love ginny x