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6 Dec 2013

A christmas miracle arrived

Ugh ugh ugh - I have been through the mill a bit since June.   Ive dealt with things as they have come, made decisions I thought I could never handle, dealt with the fall out and as of this week - come out on top.  Moving studios was a huge learning curve for me.  It taught me to appreciate that working alone is a far healthier option, for one thing.  I lost a lot of business investment on an idea that was sold to me as being equal and valued.  Sadly I was more than ripped off.  A very dear, very wonderful friend of mine told me to just "get out".  Normally my circle of friends are supportive and encouraging.  You know - stick it out, things might change, blah blah blah.  And that was good, to a point.  But when you hear someone finally blurting out, what you really don't want to hear....... in the cold light of day - you kind of take heed.  I'm so so grateful to him for such sound advice.

Since moving back to the studio, my business has spanned out incredibly.  I only do a few portraits a month, now, but instead I have secured a lovely product photography position with a leading craft magazine.  I work from my studio, which I just love love love (cos I can take this little monkey to work with me!)

and am involved with a great team of enthusiastic people.  I also work down at Bid tv once a week plus I get to demo gorgeous products from Woodware and Stix 2 - 2 or 3 times a month.  Its manic, mind.  My week is rammed with so many variants and that doesn't include running a home, a family and helping out with my boys.

At the end of September up to the beginning of November, I went through a billion emotions with a number of things.  All the while smoothing down my frock and telling everyone "its fine".  Us women do that, you know.  We say its fine when really it isn't.  You just don't want to be that person who whines about being woeful and pitiful.  Then at the beginning of November, I went through a period of unrest, upset, depression and anxiety. I was catapulted into utter misery right up until this Tuesday.  The period Mars went retrograde - if you believe in all that ;)

And now?  Things are looking rosy, healthy, happy.  I'm fine tuning my work load so that it streamlines perfectly with home life.  I'm exercising more, I'm ringing/communicating with people more and I'm loving my lot in life.  I think I made it through the other side.  That other side being more lovelier than Narnia, that's for sure. I want to be more creative in my own time, for me.  I want to take more pictures of my home life (I'm thinking of starting project life - hello?!).  I want to fit in as much as I can to be grateful for this period of my life.

My advice to anyone going through a bit of a rough ride is this. 

Everything will be alright in the end.  
If its not alright, its not the end.

True, that.

Love and hugs

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