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29 Nov 2013

Whats christmas looking like to you?

Once I get out of this bloody awful spell of utter misery, I will summon the energy to make some cards for my nearest and dearest.  As part of my work for Bid tv, I enjoy the challenge of creating pretties for the viewers but on a personal card making front, Id rather curl up under a duvet and hibernate until this grim season is over.

I live vicariously through pinterest, so I thought I'd share these babies with you to treat your eyes to a feast of delish prettiness.

Isn't this card beautiful?

and this little beauty has my heart

And these - oh my!..... simple but really cute

And that, my lovely friends, is that.

Once I'm over this spectacularly hideous spell of horribleness, I will bounce back to being my usual giddy self.  After all, the season of good will is upon us - I, for one, am holding out for a christmas miracle!

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