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8 Nov 2013

Swallowing pool water

This week I have spectacularly swam 164 lengths and swallowed pool water twice.  It might explain how exponentially ill have been this evening.  Although there could well be other reasons why I'm sick to my core.  Seriously, though, have you seen exactly what resides in public baths?!!

I've also run 5 miles and cycled 24 miles with........ And I still have Saturday and Sunday to see the week out with more punishment.  My escape to the gym this week has been my haven.  And my hell.

After a week off Bid TV I'm re-prepping for next Tuesdays show at 0745.  My crafting bug has been reignited so keep an eye out for new projects coming this way.

Short and sweet tonight but thought you might like to take heed of the horrors of swallowing pool water.  It's not tasty and can sometimes have human hair in it!

Tee hee.

1 comment:

Di said...

OK, so I'm not even gonna go down the road of what else there could be in that there pool water :(

You want me to be up at silly o'clock to watch TV on Tuesday? Sigh, just for you I'll be there.

Hugs, Di xx