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6 Nov 2013

Post Italia creativity

We had the most lovely time in Italia.

Ellie was in absolute awe and we have vowed to run away to Tuscany to run a vineyard in the Chianti region......... in the next few dreams.  Growing grapes, picking them, stamping on them barefoot, fermenting the juice, bottling it and flogging to Tesco for £18 a bottle - yes, it will be that awesome a Chianti!

I could cry at how beautiful my favourite country is.  The people, the aroma, the romance of it all.   To see my girls face enjoy the tastes and smells and feeling was such a joy to my heart.  I welled up so many times by just being there - safe, away from the madness of here, the feeling of freedom and happiness.  You could bottle it up by the milligram and sell it for thousands.

I didn't take so many pictures and the ones I took were either on my iphone or my poky little point and shoot.  I wasn't prepared to lug my beast of a camera around in such a short space of time with my mum and Marko's mum in tow.  The deserved to enjoy a meandering pace without me stopping to adjust camera settings and waste time faffing for the "perfect" shot.  I will share those images soon.

In the meantime, I have come back after doing a lot of soul searching and dreaming; a renewed sense of vigour without any complications to my flow.  That started with a 1.6km swim, a 10km cycle and 1km run last night in the gym to work off the GALLONS of prosecco I had drunk whilst in paradise.  That was after a hefty 80 lengths at the pool the day before we flew.  And tonight's gym offerings will be the same - I am on a post Italia roll although I only put on 1.5 lbs which I had worked off by this morning.  I'm still on a strong regime to be fit enough to run a half marathon next year - perhaps the Abersoch or Manchester races, who knows?

Whilst visiting San Gimignano on our jaunt, I came across my favourite semi precious stone - Alabaster.  Ive always been drawn to this mineral for some unknown reason and the name alone always makes me smile.  I bought a pretty necklace whilst Ellie was fascinated with an Alabaster egg - she is obsessed with egg shaped items.  About 95% of my pendants are heart shaped - I am in love with hearts.

Alabaster is mined in Florence.  I had absolutely no idea (thinking there was only Egyptian Alabaster) and I was delighted with the affinity and coincidence. Since wearing the pendant weird things have been happening.  Who knows whether its me or a figment of my imagination but I'm taking the signs and going with them.  Im a very content being right now, especially after todays signing off at Alderhey hospital with Ellie.  That's a chapter we are well shot of, let me tell you that for nothing.

So my post Italia creativity has me starting my christmas cards.  Ugh - I hate being pressured to making them all for EVERYONE - only people that I know who appreciate them. So here is a starter and Im one happy crafter this afternoon.

Back soon with pics of Italy, sometime this week x

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Sue said...

Glad you had such a nice time.

Diane Rooney said...

Oh it sounds so wonderful. It's also my favourite place in the world and hubby and I try to go a couple times a year. We're now planning a 6 mth sabbatical in 2015 there! San Gimigano is gorgeous. We loved it so much we decided to spend a week there last year. No sightseeing around Tuscany as such, just a week of complete r&r :)