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9 Nov 2013

Moving on, getting out

It's actually quite rare for us to go out.  
Like, out out.
We are such home birds and although yes, of course, our trip to Florence was practically out there in terms of escape but at home?  We just prefer to veg out with the pooch and just "be".
Tonight's gig with the band was called off which meant I had free time with this crazy lady to dine out and enjoy the company of.  We opted to eat at Tampopo, an amazing restaurant offering Asian fusions of utter delight.  I love how she embraces such fragrant flavours for such a fussy eater!
And boy did I need to get out tonight?
I'm choked, somewhat strangulated and feeling like death.  Yet this distraction, called Ellie, breathed an elixir, so powerful, into my airways that I wonder how the hell id survive without this amazing creature in my funny old world.

Everyone needs an Ellie in their lives but selfishly I'm keeping her all for me.

You can eat your own nose here, if you like.

Hell, even eat your own napkin.

I bid you goodnight, blog land x

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Bettyann said...

cutie...glad you got out...