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19 Nov 2013

Mad day

Tuesdays are mad.

I'm up at 2am and on the road for 2.30am.  I was in London for 5.40am to prep the show for 0745am.  Both Caroline and I then have a bloody good laugh for an hour and 15 minutes - live tv is HILARIOUS because what you don't know is that, behind the scenes and screen grabs, we are running around from product to product and trying not to fall over/cry/cock it up or swear!  I love this job so so much - its high energy and open for all sorts of wonderful/weird things to happen.  After the show ends at 9am, I pack up and am back up north for 9.30am.  Today's journey was broken up with various chats to various friends with a pit stop at Oxford services. Then I was home for 2pm and in bed for a few hours catch up before beasting my sorry ass at Circuit training at 6pm.

To say I look like crap right now is an understatement.

I'm in my studio tomorrow with product photography and a zumba class tomorrow night followed by a run home from the fitness centre.

I think by the end of the week I'm going to be frothing at the mouth, zombified and in need of several bottle of prosecco - no?

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