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18 Nov 2013

I love quotes, I do

They say in less words than what we all feel in our hearts.  I am a quote whore.  I collect them on my phone and Pinterest. I stare at them and will their amazing example into me.

Aimed at nobody in particular but isn't this quote so true?

I must take heed of this one 

Again, this is a quote for those who struggle with people being mean.  It's such an inspiring way to deal with everyday meaniness

Minimal words with maximum results.
Love that.


Sharon said...

Love that last quote, Kirsty, and it is so true!!! X

Di said...

Absolutely spot on Kirsty! I just sent the last one to a friend going through misery with her ex-H and his ongoing cruelty - thank you! :))

Hugs, Di xx