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12 Nov 2013

Annual trip to Ikea

The studio is getting an overhaul tomorrow.  Since moving back after a brief spell elsewhere, I've barely had the time to love it.  I've had several sessions of late but the mood of the studio has been lack lustre because, for want of a better word, it's a dump.

My workload has shifted more towards product photography and as of last friday, I became the new photographer for two craft magazines.  This means photographing every project for each issue and it definitely calls for a more organised studio.  This could have only meant a trip to the champion of organisation......... The genius that is Ikea.

It's a trip that I can but manage once a year.  The twists and turns and alley ways and secret cupboards therein continue for 64247745 miles with the exit feeling as if it's four days away.  And of course, in my head, I redecorate my house a million times and that's only after going through the lounge department.  Come the kitchens, I'm losing the will to live.

And this past week, I really have been losing the will to live.  Had the gas have been plumbed into any of those ovens, I'd have shoved my head in.

Fortunately, come the pretty bedroom department, we shifted up a gear and recorded our glee in a mirrored door.  

This meant happiness was momentarily restored; enough to quash the shame of ramming my trolley with 9525763 packs of serviettes and 857 candles.

It's a dangerous expedition, that trip to Ikea.  And that is why I only do it once a year.


Sharon said...

Looking gorgeous in that mirror you two girlies! XX

Lisa-Jane said...

Kirsty you are looking absolutely blooming stunning girly! Well done on all your hard work xx