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18 Oct 2013

Speeding by

.........That is what this year is doing.  Since June I have been riding on this incredibly fast journey with barely anytime to explore the lulls and highs.  Its been mad.  And since I last saw this chick, in August, its been going faster and faster and faster.  I'm exasperated.

She helps me slow down.  She helps me take in the scenery and enjoy the ride a little bit more.  And she makes me almost cry with laughter.  Well, she actually does make me cry with laughter.  And weep at all the other stuff we keep tucked up our sleeves.  **Love her**

Spent the day in Liverpool  with her and the kids.  Ellie needed a passport renewal and of course, we needed to go shopping.  I love spending time with gorgeous creatures like she.

Spending every monday with this little chicklet is my favourite waste of time.  Its her college day off and we rip it up by doing mundane yet togetherly things.

Still helping out with my boys. They eat far too much cake for my liking.  Their music just makes a difference to my life and I want to help them along their journey.  I went to one of their gigs last week in Blackpool and had a bloody fantastic night.

I took more pictures of them in session last week - Ellie came along and is smitten with them.  She slept with their autographed flyer the very same night and hasn't stopped jibbering about them since

It was very loud - she needed headphones to dampen the intense musicalness

Spending the last of the light nights enjoying sunsets on plenty of walks with my beloved Eddy-poo

Perfect welly weather - these have seen so much of the countryside of late

And after long walks, I cosy on up with my boy and dream of wonderful things and opportunities

Whilst he thinks about what meal is coming his way next - Dude, that does not even look remotely comfy

And so the cycle of another week looms - Im hoping for happiness, kindness and love - what about you?

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ginny c said...

Lovely to hear you again kirsty, this year is really rushing by,never enough hours in the day for you, glad you are all okay best wishes ginny x

Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, I have absolutely no idea where this year has gone either! Fab photos! Carole Z X