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24 Sep 2013

My week in review

Or is it two weeks?  I think it is!

In no particular order, Ive been up and down to London more times than I care to recall.  Its draining but i REALLY do LOVE the work I do for Bid Tv.  The production team are the nicest of all three craft related channels that I have worked with.  They have made me feel a part of the team and very much involved.  My schedule is still unsteady but as a freelancer, that is the nature of my work.  Tune in at 0745 for an hour of crafti bargains.

Whilst away, I have been missing this little fella

and, of course, this little lady

We have the best reunions and the BEST cuddles.  She is doing exceptionally well at college and maturing into the most delightful young lady.

I've also - SHOCK HORROR - been creative for me and not for anyone else.  Rare around these parts but still whiling away the hours between shows at Bid Tv.  Here is what Ive drafted up for my stock of cards

On most Saturdays, I demonstrate around the whole of the north west at various craft outlets.  I absolutely love it.  I represent Stix 2 and Woodware who are both very generous.  In return I make sure I give awesome demo's.  One particular shop I love is in the Strikes Garden Centre, In High Legh.  the staff there are hilarious fun and make my demo days the BEST.  Here is Alison and Little Rach.  I cannot wait to go back!

As if I don't have enough on my hands but Ive just been made PR Girl for Northern Sugar.  I followed them to Bolton FM last week to take pics of them on air.  I happen to love these pictures very much and the boys are thrilled with them.
Love these boys - check out their webspace with links to three of their tracks on soundcloud.

And a couple of new promo images from Sunday, down at Wigan Pier.  They are playing a few gigs in October so their branding has to look strong.  Here are a two of my faves from the day:

And that's me - with millions of more things to come.
Ive been doing product photography up the ying yang with more cake photography coming up, magazine project photography with a very dear publishing house and studio sessions.
I might sleep one day, hey?

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Sue said...

Fab photos. Love your little dog.

Really lovely cards.

Bumblebee said...

Sleep? Who needs sleep when you're so awesome ;)

Sharon said...

Love the Christmas card with the bird on - beautiful and your photos of the band are truly wonderful XX

Carole Z said...

Super post Kirsty, love all the photos, Carole Z X

karen said...

Cracking photos, should think they are very pleased with them. x