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9 Sep 2013

In session

Way back in March, I took some promotional images of Northern Sugar; a local band based in Wigan.  Loved it and loved the opportunity.  Great lads with a really strong Rock and Roll core - kind of feeling a Stones vibe, if anything.

I follow them on Facebook and noted that they were recording at a studio, near me, this afternoon.  I asked if they wanted me to pop along and take pictures of them, in session.  And of course I practically screamed when they said yes.  Ive been dying to try out for some "cool band" shots for the longest time.  Im a proper girl with my images, normally but I am also a girl who appreciates bloody good drums and bass guitar.  Uh huh.  So I set myself up in "Groupie meets tog" mode and went along.

In short, it was fantastic.  And surreal but most of all a superb experience for me.  Nothing staged - just as it happened.........

This is Sam (vocals and guitar) with Tommy (writer, lead guitar)

Wayne is the new member who replaced George.  He is bass guitar but not well today.  He did manage a wee smile for me.

John on drums.  Nice fella, ex forces like me, too.  Love this framed shot.

Outside for some fresh air whilst the producer tinkered with the drum recordings

Brisk walk after a downpour

The founding members - really nice lads.  Like, seriously....... 

With the producer who was going through every beat with a fine toothed comb

Serious discussion over riffs (check me out with all my terminology!)

Tommy and the reflection of his band

And there are plenty more images but these really caught my eye from today.

And there you go.
Rock and freaking roll.

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Carole Z said...

Great shots Kirsty..they'll be taking you on tour! Carole Z X

Linda said...

Cool photos! The photos are great and look brilliant in black and white! Linda x

Bumblebee said...

Great photos, could just see these on an album insert!x

Lea.H said...

Ohhh no I totally commented o the wrong post! Anyway, as I was trying to say - I love the pic in the sunglasses! Lea x

Louise said...

very cool photos. I was thinking album cover too x