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16 Sep 2013

Hold the front page!

By jove, i think Ive broken the hiatus of blogging.  This has definitely been the crappiest of efforts since blogging began in 2005.  But, ya know, work comes first and then my free time is spent with my loves and anything else just falls by the way side.  I LOVE my work, I REALLY REALLY do.  My routine has just gone to pot, thats all.  But the schedule is changing somewhat and I wont be away for days on end so I can return to blogging with vigour and find the novelty in it, again.


So to kick start the celebrations, here are two little pretties that I whipped up this morning.  Mondays are a GREAT day for me now as Ellie has this as a free day from College.  Just me and her, lounging in our jim-jams and generally looking like rats nests.  We love it.  Lazy Mondays are definitely the new black.

This pink ribbon is my fave.  Wide, pink and satin-ny.  Bind me up in that bigger and Im ready to party.

Im only using odds and ends - havent bought new patterned papers since 2011.  **gutted** although, I do have enough paper to sink the Titanic, again.

Im crafting again - yeah!

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Bettyann said...

missed you the card...take care xx

Jaki Morris said...

Yay, she's back

Love that ribbon SOooooooooooooo much


Carole Z said...

Grew you're back! Love the card...hugs Carole Z xx

Louise said...

good to see you...lovely card x

Sue said...

Loving the colour combos.

Lisa-Jane said...

Wonderful to see you back making purdy things!