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16 Sep 2013

Back to where it all began

In 2005 I met Dyan at a scrapbook event.  The event, itself, was notoriously a disaster in so many ways but wonderful in so many other ways; just for this one chance meeting.  We have remained friends all of this time although our work keeps us separated for long bouts of time.  She is one of the very few people I open my soul to in terms of professional and private issues.  And she is one person who doesn't lay it on thick when I need sound advice.  Although she is there when I'm at my lowest ebb and give me enough strength to soldier through.  She is especially careful in handling me at my worse, particularly with my struggles with issues relating to my beautiful Ellie.

On Friday I nipped over to sort out some webstuff for her and Ben as well as take some more updates images of her.  Ive seen Dy evolve dramatically over the years - she is totally the Madonna of the craft world where evolution is concerned. I'm fortunate to have taken most of her promo images over the years, too .... lets take a looksie!

Dy an myself, in 2006.  This was at a mini retreat at her old Studio, at the toffee factory.

I think this was taken in 2007 - my first pro shoot of her

This is us again in 2008, at the Harrogate show

Then I think this was 2009, I hope I am right.  My fave EVER image of Dyan

Ellie even partook in one of her Kids art sessions.  Look at my little girl - she is just too cute for words

I do Not even know when this picture was taken.  I know Tim Holtz was at the event.  We are here with our mutual friend, Jane.

And Im thinking this was 2011 - just at the tip of Dy going into a 50's time warp and her embracing all things fabulous and curvy.  I do, however, miss the bovver boots.

 I so love this one, too.

And these little babies are from Friday just gone.  What a transformation, Dy.  Im not kidding but my cousin (Marybeth) and I spent all afternoon just laughing at Dy.  Her expressions literally had me dying on the floor.  This girl is a tonic.  With Gin.
This is Dys Bedroom with walnut furniture and dressers.  Her collection of 50's dresses is beyond awesome.

And down to Dyans lounge, which was a lounge but is now a MASSIVE studio.  Ive seen that lounge go through a million changes but this one was outrageous.  LOVE IT!   I do love Dy, being partially normal, in this image.

And back up to the Parlour, which used to be her Girls bedroom.  I LOVE IT!  Its a proper 50's parlour with kitsch ornaments and furniture.  LOL at Dy's face in the reflection.  She is hilare.

There are pictures of polyester Kaftans, picnic sets, typewrites and Dy sporting a flowery swim cap.  But I must allow her to take charge of those images....... too hilarious for words.

And this is us - 2013.  Just pratting about and generally not giving a god damn bag of crap.

And now I must go - and erm, what am I doing this week?  Well, its a full diary.... that is all I can tell you.  I'm on Bid Tv this Thursday at Midday and every Thursday thereafter.  Tuesdays are being canned for a while.  Crazy TV shopping channels - its all go go go!

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Sue said...

Fab photos and lovely memories for you both.

Jaki Morris said...

I love you both
You are hilarious together

Darcy said...

Fabulous photos, looks like you had a brilliant time. X

Sheilagh said...

Two of my favourite crafty ladies, it must be heaven to be around you two together :)

Wonderful photo's Kirsty


She xxx

Sue Abbott said...

What can I say, you both came out of the same mould! You are both FREAKIN FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! xxx

Caroline Hallett said...

What a beautiful photodocumentary of a friendship - you can see as women you have both evolved and changed, but the friendship between you two is enduring. Thank you for sharing.

Lady Bright said...

Thank you for the look back through the years. I need Dyan's secret for going back in time, and getting younger as she goes forward! I love her sense of humour and artistic flair in everything.

It was lovely to meet her, wish I lived across the pond and could play more often.

toni said...

Great to see you and Dy through the ages. I've yet to meet this lovely lady and sincerely hope it won't be too long away !! Great post x

daisylou said...

You nutters!!
Seriously tho the photos over the years and you both look still so blinking young!
I prefer Dy with her red hair and LOVE her 50's retro look as I've always had that in me too.. Born in the wrong era!
Take Care and keep laughing, it's good for you!
Love DL xx

Lea.H said...

pics are fab - Ellie looks so cute in the pics!

Gemma Maggs said...

I loved the photos. I only met Dy in 2012 so I've only known her as a 1950s beauty. She hasn't aged at at, and looks 'fabulous darling' lol

Sandra Hall said...

Kirsty, this is a fabulous tribute to your friendship. Fantastic photos and fantastic words. :-) x x x

Lisa-Jane said...

She looks so so different! I love all the looks.

Roz said...

Wow Dyan looks amazing