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14 Aug 2013

What am I today?

I wake up, have a yawn, a stretch and a little think about my day ahead.  Am I taking pictures?  Am I driving to London for Bid TV?  Am I demonstrating at a shop for Stix 2 or Woodware?  Have I got a logo design to finish? Is this real and should I be enjoying a lie in (barely the latter, i may add!).

Well this week, I have been a bit of everything so far (plus a cheeky lie in, as I am in London right now seeing as I am going to be guesting crafts at Bid TV on Tues and Weds.  Weds will see me hunting for one day freelance fashion photog jobs cos, to be honest, fashion isnt so hot in Wigan.... is it?!)

Monday saw me doing a bit of this at the loveliest studio on Park RoadWe do dress up makeovers and I create the outfits for pretty and dreamy shoots.  I even make the flowers to match.

 And we captured this pur-lil-thing, too.  I could have taken pictures of her ALL DAY!

If you want to find out about offers on photoshoot, come and like my facebook page here and read more.

And Tuesday saw me doing some of this at Bid TV

And today?  Im inLondon, tip tapping away on my Mac in a leafy suburb of South Norwood.  Alas, I cant share the digi work with you because it all confidential and all that malarkey but trust me, Im sat here in a leafy suburb of South London - on my mac.... beavering away.  Sans cupcakes and tea but with fruit and water and fresh air and lovely light.

Right, Im outta here.  I have a show to finish prepping for tomorrow at Bid TV.  Tune in at midday and swag yourself some lovelies.

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Carole Z said...

Super photos and cards Kirsty! Carole Z X