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30 Aug 2013

This sweet peach

Has enjoyed a varied break from College.  She broke up on the 9th June and has spent time in England, Wales and Scotland.  Although she doesn't socialise whatsoever, she is happy doing her thing and at her pace.  You just have to let them be the free spirit that they are and allow kids like Ellie the space and the time to go about their business as they see fit - even if it hurts to witness such loneliness.

We have finally discovered what she wants to do for her 18th Birthday in November.  She wants to spend time with, as she puts it, the girls in her life.  That's me, my mum and her Nana.  So we are off to the land of her favourite foods (ice cream and pasta) and have a few days in Florence and Pisa.  Im pretty excited as I literally could up sticks this very second and move there for eternity.

I took this picture the other night and noticed how beautiful her blue eyes and ruby kissy lips were.  As she is photo phobic, we rarely get to see her eyes so wide.  And even though the pic was a selfie with an iPhone, I love this picture more than if I had taken it with a pro camera.

Love this little peach so much, I literally feel I could die from the utter devotion I have for her.

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Bettyann said...

so sweet and such love xxx <3

Clare said...

I can't believe she is nearly 18 - where does the time go?
It's such a lovely pic of you both and yes her eyes are beautiful.
Harry loved spending time with my dad over the hols - they adore each other. He has only seen one friend during the summer and while I used to get hung up about it I have learnt to accept that he isn't lonely he is happy doing his thing. It's hard for a parent to witness their child like this but as long as they are happy in their little world then all is ok. X x x

EmmGee said...

Great idea for Ellie's birthday celebrations, I'm sure you'll all have great fun. xx

Jaki Morris said...

Wonderful post. I wish my husband would read this as he give our son so much grief about the fact he does nothing. G has always had problems making friends and it has just become worse as he's got older.

I think it's lovely that Ellie wants to go on holiday with her girls. I would love to too!