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24 Aug 2013

Its still all go

Im having such a fun packed, time sucking series of events right now.  I bet you didn't guess, right?

From moving studios AGAIN (long story but better for my clients in the long run - I'm back to the one previous to my recent move!) to Bid Tv work to makeover shoots, I think I managed to fit in a whole host of other wonderful things in between.  You will be pleased to know that I am saving my nervous breakdown to happen in 2044 - I havent got time for one until then!

I want to share a card with you from the show although they are iphone pics - theyre still viewable!!!  Please tune in every Tues and Thurs at Midday.  There is something for everyone at Bid Tv xx

To lots of shoots at the studio - some I can share and some that I cant!  But the ones I can share are just divine:  

A sibling shoot - I really am in love with this picture........pretty, dreamy, ethereal

Each sister arrived with their individual qualities and shone in every shot

Fluffy skirts rock, right?

Emilie came to help with some posing styles - isnt she a vision?


Her eyes are incredible.

The my cousin came for a shoot which her sister, Marybeth, paid for as a gift.  Emily is also my god daughter - I cannot believe she is 21.  I was there when she was born.  I was 9, obvs.

Emily was born blonde but her black hair REALLY accentuates her blue eyes

She is such a lovely girl

And a little elegant boudoir image - these are very popular at the studio right now.  For those who raise their eyebrows, you see less at the beach with my images ;)  Discretion is used at our studios and we definitely do NOT shoot nude.  Try us out and with me being a female photographer, its far less nervy.

And there you have it - photos, travel, cardmaking and mummy duties.  A veritable feast of running around like a mad woman whilst keeping her big girl pants pulled well and firmly up!

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Sue said...

Loving the card.

The young ladies look stunning.

Louise said...

I have no idea how you keep track of what you're doing :)! Amazing photos and a beautiful card. Enjoy your BH Monday xx

Carole Z said...

You've worn me out just reading your post (and I thought I was a busy gal!)..lovely card and photos..take care hun, hugs Carole Z X