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7 Aug 2013

Blogging from the train!

I'm enroute to Edinburgh with my lovely girl.  It's a blazing sunny day and the views are spectacular.  We got a great deal in out fares..... Far cheaper than fuel in the car.  It's lovely to sit and enjoy her, enjoying the spectacle. She's loving it.

I'm adding pictures but they will be in a ridiculous order as, the blogger app on my phone, adds photos at the foot of the blog update and not in order of how I like.  So bear with!

If you tuned in to Bid tv's craft hour at midday, yesterday, you will have seen some great offers on essentials like mirror card.  But the due sets were a great but and a great hit, considering the audience are not all dedicated craters..... Yet!  The TV company and the buyer are being careful with the delicate handling of craft to ensure you get a good selection of offers. They are sensitive to the beast of craft in relation to their other products on the channel.  Us crafters are particular and I think they are drawing up a fantastic balance of products for newbie and seasoned crafters alike.  I hope you can join me every week to sample what's available.  They are also hosting a dedicated craft buying page too so that you don't have to call in when you're  thinking of buying multiple items.  I think you will agree that it's a superb idea, especially when you think about how low their p and p is.

You know how crazy I am about craft and my samples are a reflection of how effective just one or two products are.  I don't want to litter then with too much product otherwise you will lose the marketed product at that time.  Here are a few of my samples from yesterday.

Hope you managed to catch the show and I'll see you next tues and thurs x

And here is the train girl.  My love and my life....    

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