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27 Jul 2013

Yes, i think maybe I'm baaaaaaack!

Don't hold your breath kids but this **could** be me, being back.  Back to crafts, to life, to work.  I can feel it in my bones.  The time is NOW!

Ive got a real assortment of things going on but let me start with our garden.  We have lived here ten years this year and our garden has just been a bit meh.  Just lawn, gravelled borders and pot plants to add a splash of colour.  Last winter we decided we wanted a nicer spot to go and enjoy a cuppa and the sun trap at the bottom of the yard.  So Mark and my FIL built a sweet little raised deck area - enough for a coupla deck chairs and some delicious pot plants.  They also built a raised bed, too.  Its been pretty much bare since last winter until Mark and I decided to grow from seed and make the most of our little spot.  Its still not my dream finish but for now, its a lovely area and waaaaay better than previous years where we would just stress out over the state of it.

 I love Hyderangeas but especially like blue ones.

We thought this "Butterfly" Lavender was especially pretty.  The bees adore it.

Isnt it gorgeous?

And you can see the raised bed here - all filled with plants we grew from seed

And here is my little pudgy prince - on the platform ......keeping an eye on Mark, watering the plants

And centre stage - come on, Eddy!  Break into song or a dance!

And now, as promised, the new Boutique studio pics.  I dreamed this space in my head as soon as I viewed the room.  It was NOT beautiful to start with as you can see.  I wanted to have corners and areas to add variety to my fave daylight shoots for makeovers and boudoir.  I will also enjoy the benefit of natural daylight for my newborn and cake smash shoots, too.

This is the before shot.  I had to strip that floor, prime it and coat it twice with floor paint.  It was so tough working in the heat

Not a pretty sight, right?

And now?  Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
I love this corner so much.  The feature wall adds one dimension where as the white/window wall adds even more

Can you see what I mean (ignore the gap in the wall, that's now been filled!)

And the moody corner with my fabbest chair find, EVER!

And the strobe area!  I can black out the windows to make a studio for my model shoots and product shots

And finally - two pretty little cards.  One for a lovely girl who I met at Doncaster Races.  I looked after two tables on the workshop day at the event and fell in love with Glenda.  Her infectious personality and the kindest eyes told me I wanted to be friends with her, immediately.  You just know these things, don't you?  Some people come and go in your life, some are crafty friends and some are acquaintances but Glenda made my day, that day.

And a close up

And this is a standby card for any sweet occasion that see's fit.

And a close up

And thats my lot, for today :)

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Glitter Monkey said...

Welcome back. Hard Orkney pays off. Lynn xx

Sue said...

Loving your studio.

Both cards are beautiful.

I don't have a garden, so very envious of your beautiful one.

Birdie said...

Your studio looks fab Kirsty, you can't fail to produce amazing shoots in there! Well done you! Nice cards too xxx

Birdie said...

Your studio looks fab Kirsty, you can't fail to produce amazing shoots in there! Well done you! Nice cards too xxx

Debo said...

Hooray! Good to have you back!!

The studio looks absolutely incredible! Well done!! And the cards are beautiful!

Lynne Kontou said...

wow Kirsty what an amazing studio. beautiful detail on the cards x

ginny c said...

Your studio looks so bright a lot of hardwork has gone into making it so lovely your garden looks really nice and glad to see your cards welcome home kirsty best wishes ginnyx

Carole Z said...

Oh my word Kirsty...your garden pics are lovely, your studio room looks amazing and your cards are gorgeous! Well done you! Carole Z X

Jaki Morris said...

I love what you've done with the studio.
That first card is lovely. It reminds me of the colours you used to have on your blog banner.

Glad you found a little friend to keep you company

Love ya


Caroline Lovett said...

OMG Kirsty the studio looks fabulous, you have worked soooo hard, well done chuck. xxx