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5 Jul 2013

The girl with irregular choice shoes

Where do I begin with this wonderful wedding day?  Well, not at the beginning, that is for certain.  I have done so many weddings and events now, that packing for them is so routine.  Or, at least, I thought it was.  WRONG!  I only turned up without my external flash.

**Cue terror screeching noises, flat lining from my heart and me losing the will to live**

HOW COULD I?  I mean.........a wedding is just YOWSLESS without one.I was stranded and helpless and flashgun-less.  Oh what to do?

So I rang around local photogs, who - all but one - were Nikon shooters.  My world started to spin and the thought of dying was all I had on my mind.  Fortunately my last call to a Canon girl bore fruit in terms of hiring one from a shop in Manchester.  Well, what do you know Pro Film Direct were the champions of my LIFETIME.  Not only did they offer to hire me one for the princely sum of £18, they sent a dashing young prince to deliver it to me and trust me with an invoice (I didn't even have my debit card on me).  I swear down that this company are the saviours of today's wedding and I couldn't write further without SQUEALING about their incredibly SUPERB professionalism.  You wanna hire kit?  GO TO THEM!  (Thanks also to Bernadette for the tip-off.... you have my heart).

One more thing, before you see the pics.  I need to tell you something about me and shooting weddings.  I wont just shoot for anyone.  No sireeeeeeee.  You wont see me on a stand at wedding fairs.  I don't even price them on my website.  I don't advertise that I shoot weddings.  And I will gladly tell you why.  I ONLY do them for people I WANT to shoot for.  People who I know can trust me and who can practically CREATE their own dream album.  Like Shelley and Matt, today.  We set up a private Pinterest board and she pinned everything she liked and that we could take inspiration from.  And so they got THEIR DREAM album.  I just turned up (sans flashgun, did you read that bit - SCREAM!) and took their pictures with y own spin on it.  So there you go.  Its a love and trust thing, you see.

So anyway, here is a selection of my fave images (in no particular order and of which I had to condense, as there were almost 3476455 of them I loved).  I hope you enjoy them as much as I was thrilled taking them xxx

Shelleys beautiful bouquet

 You will note quite a LOT of kissing in these pics.  Kissing is gooooooood!

I LUUUUURVE silhouettes

You know, these crazy kids have a great sense of humour

And a really soft and gentle side, too

Oh - back to the humour.............

And sigh......... a little twirl

You see............. more kissing!

Shelleys little girl, in a sweet moment

The kids being, erm, KIDS!  (I include Matt, the Groom ;))

We don't get bored of kissing in this camp.

And by Irregular Choice shoes, I mean these monsters here......... LOVE THEM

And Maddison adjust her shoes - little girls are the sweetest thing when they can fasten shoes themselves

Shelleys dress was a delicious shade of pinky peachy loveliness.

And guess who was there?  Miss Freya Toots (see a few posts down to see her newborn shoot)

And finally?  OMG - the FUNNIEST thing I have ever superimposed/created.  Inspired by a similar picture we found on Pinterest, Shelley and Matt wanted to recreate this.  I WAS DYING laughing at the editing stage of this image.  Literally tears of laughter were streaming down my face.  I LOVE IT!

And that, my friends, is the wonderfulness that is Mr and Mrs Hampson.

I bid you adieu.

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Maz said...

It was a fabulous day, made all the better by having your amazing photos for Shelley and Matt to remember it with. Thank you so much for agreeing to do it. x

Sue said...

A lovely wedding and a lucky couple to have you to do their photos.

Louise said...

You must have been beside yourself Kirsty!! Glad it turned out ok. The happy couple will be over the moon with your stunning shots...and what a great day to get married (same day as me...many years ago now!) x

Catie Cuddles said...

what fabulous pics and such a gorgeous wedding.... love the freya pic too!

Barbara said...

Your wedding photos are just so different, really fantastic and original. You have such a talent Kirsty!!!!!!!

Carole Z said...

Fabulous, all of them...lucky couple to have you for their photographer! I love the dino!! Carole Z X

Judi May said...

Amazing photos Kirsty! Looks great fun, glad you got your flash sorted!

Love Judi xx