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19 Jul 2013

Almost done

Its been a mad few weeks with juggling all fragments of my life - both personal and work.  Its safe to say that I am almost in my new space but it hasn't come without complications.  Ahem.  Moving forward, I do feel that the daylight in this studio is much more brighter than my last one.  And I love daylight best.  My admin space is actually a lot tighter than before, in fact I am almost choking with it but with my determination to maximise space coupled with cute decor means that I will make a go of it.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a little sneak of the boutique studio.  This is the daylight studio which has two boutique areas.  This is Area 1.  Area 2 is waiting for a dressing table to finish the furnishings and then area three can be used as a strobe studio.

As its been so hot, I haven't had the chance to take in the enormity of this move whatsoever.  And as much as I am excited about having a really pretty area to work in with my valued clients, I'm just not consumed with enthusiasm right now.

Then again, I am the kind of girl that likes all her things in place and tidied and finished before I can jump in the air like a little excited ribena berry and shout "woo!".  And Sunday is "seal the move in deal" day...... maybe then?

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Sue said...

Glad you are getting sorted.

Carole Z said...

It maybe hot outside but if this photo is anything to go by, your studio's looking cool! Glad you're 'getting there' hugs Carole Z X

Judi May said...

Looking fab, hope all goes well today with the move. Looking forward to seeing more pics! xx

Debo said...

Just glad everything is ok!
Hope you can settle soon.