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26 Jul 2013

Aaaaaaaw, shucks!

As a freelance designer and demonstrator for the craft industry, I can never quite map out my year.  Job offers come and go and I can take or leave them.  I fit it around working at the studio - there is NEVER a dull moment in my day.  I barely get the time to sit and do nothing and when I do find myself with nothing to do, it drives me INSANE!

Most weekends I am demonstrating Stix 2 and Woodware products around the northwest.  I cover from the Midlands right up to Carlise and west Wales and the Eastern borders of the Pennines and Nottinghamshire.  As you can imagine, there are approx 4765724635625 craft shops to cover.    Plus it breaks my week up and gives me variety.  On top of that I still design logos and graphics for both small businesses and huge craft companies.  Slap the photography on there and it all mingles together as a very creative career.
You know, I really and truly love it.

Ive been sailing along quite peacefully until I got a call, last week - quite out of the blue.  It was a lovely girl enquiring if I'd like to demo crafts on TV (again!).  I was actually gobsmacked and I felt my heart do a little jig.  Im not sure if you are aware but I first started on QVC in 2008 with Docrafts.  Not long after, QVC commissioned me to produce a craft CD for them.  It was the weirdest 5 minutes of TV in my life.  It literally got 5 minutes and would you believe it - the computer froze live on air.  But you know, fall back plans come into play and you get by on your reserves (or plan B, should we say!).  I also guested presented a few other shows for Lasting Impressions before it all fizzled out.

Next thing you know, Im on Create and Craft, demonstrating my own products in a series of 4 CD's.  It was an entirely different set up to QVC but I met some great people in that Green room and many a fab craft conversation was had.  Then that fizzled out too but looking back, it was a great run.

But Im not going to be doing Create and Craft nor am I going back on QVC.
No No NO!

This time, I am going on Bid TV.  And I will be brutally honest and tell you that I have never even watched it before.  Like, ever.  EVER!  Ive heard of it, mind and I did have an inkling that craft was being demonstrated/sold on there.  After talking to my co-ordinator at length, I got to understand the mechanics of crafting at Bid Tv.  And I have to say, in all truthfulness that I am delighted with how they are introducing to craft to a brand new audience.  I think once new viewers see how incredible crafting is these days, in terms of tools and supplies to make it either quick and simple or downright tricky and challenging, they too will be hooked - just like you and I became.  Sheesh! When I look back to 2001, in the first wave of the card making boom, I had two punches and that was IT!  No die cutting machines or glass mats or eyelet setters or anything.  It was GRIM.  But now?  I would LOVE to have been introduced to the hobby at this stage of the crafting game..... its a vast world of beauty!

Im airing next Thursday at Midday and then the following Tuesday before I go on my break to Edinburgh.  Then I will be back for a few more shows.  Im pairing up with my old partner in crime, Clare Curd, who will be doing Tuesdays and myself doing Thursdays.

Isnt it madness?  Like, totally out-of-the-blue-couldn't-make-this-up madness?

Anyway, I couldn't leave without posting a pic of my cousin up.  She has been on work experience with me but as a treat, I gave her a makeover JUST so that I could test the strobes in area three of the boutique studio.  I promise I will get nice images on here of the full set up but as I have limited access to various parts of the building right now, it won't form a fluid picture.   Anyhoo, here she is using a large lightbox which gives the impression that she actually stood by a window, in daylight.  I actually do NOT like using strobes becuase, as you all know by know - I'm a daylight girl.  Saying that, this kind of lighting is great for models as opposed to customers.  And I think Marybeth did a great modelling job for ME!

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Sue said...

Really glad life is so good for you, but I do miss your cards.

EmmGee said...

Shame QVC has cut their craft programmes. Lots of disappointed, regular customers. But am beginning to warm to C&C. I'll look out on Bid next week!!

EmmGee said...

Shame QVC has abandoned their loyal, regular crafting shows and customers. Warming to C&C, and will look out for you on Bid TV this week.

EmmGee said...

Shame QVC has cut their craft programmes. Lots of disappointed, regular customers. But am beginning to warm to C&C. I'll look out on Bid next week!!