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9 Jul 2013

A moment to recharge

Note the word "moment".

It's been so difficult to find some decent amount of time to get the glue and inks out.  And I have so needed to just play and do stuff for me and my sanity.  Don't get me wrong, I love my work but the interval between moving studios has been heart wrenching, sweat-ful and very stressful.  Juggling home life and my various freelance work on top of photo sessions is not a combination for a barrel of laughs.  Of course, I know it will be worth it in the end but you know what its like....... moving is a flaming drain on your positive chi.

I have missed this type of creativity the most

And quick and simple cards have been lacking in my life, too.

On Sunday I had a lovely session with my sweet friend Mell.  We love her, she is just like my Ellie in so many ways with her nature.  Its such a treat when we get to meet up because she lights up our day tremendously.  The day panned out to beautifully that we invited her parents back to the house for our second BBQ this year (Not sure if we got the damn thing out at ALL last year!).  So here are a few piccies form Mells session - you have to agree, she has incredibly gorgeous Doe-like eyes:

We shot her in a combo of everyday wear and Wonderland Wear (Wonderland sessions at my studio are my favourite).  And this is my winning image of her:

 I think this is my second fave image

And you will see this image a LOT from my sessions.  Why customers like this pose is because of how it alters the face shape and makes the focus on the eyes a huge impact:

And there we go - with our opening date looming closer, I will be blogging intermittently.  And as soon as we are def open, I will resume to a normal service and keep you abreast of my ever so hectic "creative" life.

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiight xx

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Sue said...

Love the tag and card.

Beautiful photos of a beautiful young lady.

Carole Z said...

Love your cards Kirsty and the photos are beautiful..good luck with the opening! Carole Z X