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27 Jun 2013

Where oh where am I?

Im under a pile of choking dust as I move to my final studio space.  This current one is not viewable from the street and so no passing trade do I get.  Its been working fine and will continue to do so but I do feel that passing trade could be utilised more effectively.

The story of how I have ended up sharing a fantastic establishment (with 2 studios and various nooks and crannies for mood shots) stems from utter misery.  Rather than regale you of how this came about in a 4 page length story I shall condense it into one short line:
"Ugly comment left on my blog by one "rival" photographer led me to challenge "said photographer" whom did NOT write the comment in the first place.  So whomever left the comment (thinking that I would be peturbed by the "threatening comments") actually did us a favour and brought us together for a working teamship".

Ive also been inundated by print order and logo design work - to the point that bedtime existed at 3am.  Ive also been on various trips to parts about the UK for "on location and corporate" shots.  Combined with running my current studio, doing up the new shared building and my everyday stuff like demos and graphic design - its been abso freaking lutely car-azy.  Ive also been following the SW plan and in three weeks lost a magnificent amount of weight - whilst grazing throughout the day on SW recipes and copious amounts of Pink Lady apples...... and barely starving.

So that I where I am.  And its been emotional.

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Jude said...

Oooo. That all sounds so exciting. All the very best of luck - not that you need it from the sounds of things, you are doing great under your own steam! :-D Well done....
Are you near a street but just not visible? Could you put an " A Frame" display thingy on the street pointing people to your studio?

Sue said...

So glad that something good came out of someone being a nasty troll.

Hope it all works out for you.

Well done on the weight loss. SW was the only plan where I lost weight and I was never hungry.

Jaki Morris said...

Golly, so that's where you've been


Lisa said...

So good to have you back.. missed you!
Lisa x

Sharon said...

Love SW plan well done you! Also pleased to hear your business is doing so well - that's one in the eye for anonymous xxx

Debo said...

Blimey! I'm exhausted just reading about it!!!

Well, that's justice - the nasty comment backfiring!!! HA! 1-0 to Kirsty!!!!!

And you look amazing! Well done! My sister's following SW (she calls it Fat Club!) and has lost almost 2 stone and looks - and feels - amazing! It obviously works well.

Hope you get chance to catch your breath soon!

Ruth said...

So glad to hear things are going well. All the best with your new venture.

BTW - did you get my private message on Facebook?

Ruth x

Carole Z said...

So pleased something good came out of a nasty comment..ha! To anon, hope all goes well, Carole Z X

Judi May said...

So pleased for you...that's one in the eye for troll features! Glad you've changed your settings so it can't leave comments because even if you think they aren't getting to you they do. So, new studio, new partnership, let the awesomeness begin...I mean continue!

Congratulations on doing so well with SW too!

Love Judi xx

Kate said...